The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (2024)

The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (1)

The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (3)

ISBN: 9781524896119

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Wordscapes, the top-rated word game played by more than 14 million fans, is now a puzzle book with the same word challenging fun!

Wordscapes combines the best of word search, anagrams, and crosswords!Challenge your brain and vocabulary by connecting letters to find as many hidden words as you can, then fill-in the crossword grids to complete each puzzle. Organized by difficulty level, these 250 anagram word puzzles start easy but ramp up fast! Sharpen your mind, improve your smarts, and enjoy the challenge of these addicting word puzzles.

This book title, The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1, ISBN: 9781524896119, by PeopleFun, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing (February 11, 2025) is available in paperback. Our minimum order quantity is 25 copies. All standard bulk book orders ship FREE in the continental USA and delivered in 4-10 business days.

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Andrews McMeel Publishing (February 11, 2025)

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February 11, 2025






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The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (5)

The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1
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Submit a product page URL from any BULK bookseller\'s website, including Amazon, and we\'ll try our best to match or beat the price. Order Minimums: $100/25 copies per title

A Book Specialist will respond via email later today or early tomorrow (weekdays only).

The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (6)

The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1
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The Official Wordscapes Puzzle Book Volume 1 (2024)


How many levels of Wordscapes are there? ›

There are also bonus words, which the player can solve for extra coins. The game currently contains 6,000 levels and an infinite number of extra master levels that players can access after completing the first 6,000, which are repeated from the first 6,000.

What are the bonus words in Wordscape? ›

Bonus words are words you find that are not part of the grid in the puzzle. You will receive one coin for each bonus word you find.

What are the hints in Wordscapes? ›

Hints are valuable tools in Wordscapes that assist you in finding words on the puzzle board. Lightbulb: This power-up gives you a random hint letter on the board, helping you to uncover hidden words more easily. Rocket: When activated, the Rocket power-up explodes, scattering multiple random letters across the board.

How do you get the Wordscapes daily puzzle? ›

A new Daily Puzzle appears once every 24 hours. This is a unique puzzle that will not be found in a regular Wordscapes level. The Daily Puzzle also features butterflies sitting on some of the squares. If you play a word on a square where a butterfly sits, you then collect that butterfly.

How do people get so much brilliance in Wordscapes? ›

By successfully uncovering words and completing puzzles, you gradually accumulate brilliance, reflecting your proficiency and progress in the game. Brilliance serves as a benchmark for comparing your performance with other players and tracking your advancement through the various levels of Wordscapes.

Who has the highest level in Wordscapes? ›

MagicPieBush's grandma not only beat the original 6,000 levels, but 7,952 additional master levels. While many words are repeated between the various levels within Wordscapes, there's no denying that this user's grandma joins the ranks of other renowned gamer grandmas like the so-called Skyrim Grandma.

What are the animal bonuses in Wordscapes? ›

The animals you discover will provide various rewards, such as Heart Gems and special bonuses like binoculars, stars, cocoons, brilliance, and bees, which you can use while playing Wordscapes.

How do crowns work in Wordscapes? ›

Compete in the weekly tournaments to begin your Crown Collection. Top tournament performers will receive a certain number of crown coins, adding to your total for the season. The more crown coins you earn, the bigger and brighter the Crown next to your name will become.

What is the egg for in Wordscapes? ›

You can use Heart Gems to buy eggs. Each egg will contain one of several possible animals. Different eggs have different animal possibilities.

How do people get such high scores on Wordscapes? ›

Prioritize shorter words

In Wordscapes, shorter words are often more valuable than longer ones. They can help you clear letters from the board and create opportunities for bonus words. Focus on finding short, high-scoring words to maximize your points and progress through the game.

Do levels get harder in Wordscapes? ›

For these words, players have nothing to go on other than the number of letters. The game starts easy (think C-A-T) to teach players how it works. As they level up, the difficulty quickly increases, and then maintains a medium difficulty from then on.

How to get butterflies in Wordscapes? ›

As you find the words that fill in the cocoon slots, you will progress toward receiving your own butterfly cocoon which will hatch into a randomized butterfly. This butterfly will join your butterfly habitat, where you can then name it and interact with it.

Does Wordscapes show brain age? ›

Wordscapes asks how old your brain is. Some of the letters drop from the question into a smartphone crossword game, showing that the brain's age is 50 years old. With each word completed, the brain's age drops, and with each mistake, it rises again.

What is the final level of Wordscapes? ›

The levels in Wordscapes are endless. There are 6000 regular levels in the game. After level 6000 players begin the Master Levels, which are endless.

What happens after level 6000 in Wordscapes? ›

There are 6000 regular levels in the game. After level 6000 players begin the Master Levels, which are endless.

Does Wordscapes have a final level? ›

How many levels does the game have? The levels in Wordscapes are endless.

Does Wordscapes ever get harder? ›

Wordscapes is a slick, engaging game that students will love to play, but it's best played in the ad-free, paid version. The game starts easy and the difficulty increases gradually, but after a couple dozen levels it plateaus. It's aimed at the general public, so high schoolers and some middle schoolers should do well.

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